Week 2 – “more action”

There is always a bit of fluctuation at the start of the course but so far it wasn’t too bad – 2 new students and 3 missing but of those 2 will probably return, so only 1 is unaccounted for. I asked their expectations for this time and there were some who said they hoped for some more “action” and group-work, which was exactly what I had in mind for this meeting. So we played a warm-up game of ‘instant tableaux’ and then returned to voice for a bit. First task was sentence in a circle, so same sentence but everyone tries to express a different emotion with their voice, then the tried-and-tested context-open dialogues in pairs. Which worked quite well – one group did as many as 3 variations and I think they realised how, by varying the vocal qualities you can create totally different associations for the same dialogue (e.g. 2 people trying to get rid of a corpse / a couple arguing about who has to carry the shopping). Next I wanted to introduce the scenes I’m planning for our acting workshop, so 2 people each could pick a text and their task was to read it aloud to themselves. What they didn’t know yet was the second part of the task 😉  because after they were through with reading they had to get together with a second group and exchange summaries of their scenes. Group A then had to perform group B’s scene and vice versa. Which worked surprisingly well for some while some had trouble remembering – but those last were the groups who got a Shakespeare scene summary…. I didn’t have much time left to work on the Alice-part of the project but I’m planning to concentrate more on that next week.