The Lion in Winter

liongifby James Goldman
2-5 December 2002



(in order of appearance)
Henry II Plantagenet, King of England Mark Müller
Princess Alais Capet Anne Reichel
Prince Geoffrey, Duke of Brittany Daniel van Vugt
Prince Richard Lionheart Niko Böhm
Prince John Lackland Chris Wymbs
Eleanor of Aquitaine, Queen of England Diane Wenzelburger
Philip Capet, King of France Gregor Wernet


Directors Katja Jasinskaja
Veronika Muhr
Last minute choreography and so much more! Ansgar Höckh
Lights Katja Jasinskaja
Niklas Konzen
Sound Ralph Albrecht
Music Editor Ulrich Schreitmüller
Stage & Props Thomas Hofer
Marc Mayer
Kerstin Reichelt
Beate Starke
Costumes Kerstin Reichelt
Make-Up Kerstin Reichelt
Programme Text Veronika Murh
Poster & Ticket Design Ulrich Schreitmüller

Special Thanks go out to:

Anya Rothmund for her advice on various technical matters; Michael Arndt, Chris O’Grady and Thomas Sing for daggers, swords and instructions on how to use them; Uwe Meyerdirks and Volker Ohlenschläger for lending us a chess game and explaining the rules of chess; the Unckel team for wine bottles and exceptionally delicious meals; the Fachschaft for providing us with a comfortable room to work; the Hausmeisters for their patience with a bunch of crazy people; the Anglo-Irish Theatre Group (not only for lending us an actress!); girlfriends & boyfriends & …friends for keeping us sane (in particular a big hug from Vroni Muhr to Lina Afinbo for saving her day), and of course the rest of the Provisional Players for hanging posters, selling tickets, painting walls and all the rest of the work that goes into a production. We would also particularly like to thank Stefan Arbeiter, Arved von Maltzahn, Saška Štumberger, the Bierkeller team, and all those who voluntarily or involuntarily lent their ears to the people involved in this production!!!