About us

The Provisional Players are one of the two English-language theater groups at the Neuphilologische Fakultät at Tübingen University. Founded in 1987 as a “sprachpraktische Übung” of the American Studies department of Tübingen University, our original focus was on American drama but in the past few years we have staged quite a few British plays and have occasionally also strayed into German language drama. Normally, we do 1-2 productions each semester and have by now done over 80 productions!

We welcome students (and non-students) of all faculties. Native speakers are very welcome but perfect command of English is not a must if you want to join us.

Although it is mainly the actors you see, there are a lot of other jobs involved in a theater production, such as set design and construction, costume production, lighting, public relations, etc.

If you are interested in joining us, don’t hesitate to contact us!