Blithe Spirit

spirit-plakatby Noel Coward
26-29 July 2004

If your deceased first wife suddenly appeared from the grave and came to live in the house with you, what would you do? Especially when your second wife is still alive and extremely upset about the whole matter? Well, what indeed?

Charles Condomine is a well-to-do and apparently happily married novelist. Intending to write a novel about a fraudulent medium, he has a – purely professional – interest in the occult. So, Charles and his second wife Ruth invite the local spiritualist, Madame Arcati, over for dinner and a séance for dessert. The party is completed by a couple from the neighbourhood, skeptical Dr. Bradman and his slightly naïve wife Violet.

Was it due to the red meat at dinner? Or Dr. Bradman’s sarcastic remarks? Or is Madame Arcati simply a muddling old fool? Nobody knows, but during the séance something goes quite wrong and Charles and Ruth discover that life can be much more fantastic than fiction.