disclosuresAn evening of one-act plays
October 2005

Have you always wanted to be a “fly on the wall”, for example in Shakespeare’s study or Sigmund Freud’s practice rooms? Or to be a hidden observer at the set of a film classic, such as “Gone with the Wind”? The Provisional Players now provide surprising insights and reveal the sometimes rather silly truth about the great ones in literature, film and psychoanalysis. You will experience Shakespearean rhyme-finding troubles and learn about the significance of insects for Elizabethan drama. You will find out about the psychological problems of socks and witness the famous boat-scene cut from the great Civil War drama. And that is by no means all: if you have always thought that the Beatles are immortal you will be find that you are right.

Our four short plays take you on a comic tour through Western culture and present you with bits of “alternative history” that could leave you wondering if there might not be a bit of truth in them. (Of course there isn’t. At least not historically.)