Once Upon a Time – Fairytales revisited

fairytales-comic-sw14-17 June 2005

It’s not easy being a fairy-tale princess. You married the prince. Okay. But somehow… it just doesn’t work out between the two of you. Also there a spectres from your past which are troubling you. You are mortally afraid of apples. You keep an alarm clock in every corner for fear of oversleeping. You have the irresistible urge to throw everyone who gets on your nerves against a wall. Maybe… you are in need of therapy? The Provisional Players set out to explore the grim(m) reality of fairy tales, answering such important questions as:

How does a 100-years beauty sleep affect one’s chances on the marriage market?

Are princesses fit for work?

What do dwarves think of inter-racial marriage?

And:  What would have become of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, if he’d survived Shakespeare? (A madman maybe. Or a psychologist.)

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Script “Blind Date”