Of Bodies Changed

bodies-sw-klein12-16 February 2007

“Of bodies changed to other forms I sing”, says the poet. And he tells us of a world where lovers turn into birds and snobs end up transformed into rocks, a world where mirrors can be deadly to carefree boys. We enter the cosmos of Ovid’s Metamorphoses – a weird and wonderful world where an eccentric poet has assembled a vast panorama of classic myths. A world which is very strange to us – or is it? As good stories go, these too, have a certain timelessness and can still speak to us today. Of the hundreds of stories that can be found in Ovid we have selected a handful of the most alluring to present them in a contemporary setting. Blending modern language and images with tales of the ancients and their gods, Of Bodies Changed/Metamorphoses revolves around the power of storytelling and the lasting fascination of these tales about love and death, pride and humiliation and – of course – change.