Soul Cage

9-13 February 2009

soulcage-poster-webAdmittedly, one meets the strangest people in elevators. But have you ever met the devil?

A hotel is a microcosm. It houses all kinds of guests: career-obsessed business-people, greedy rock stars, cranky old ladies, and the occasional nymphomaniac. The staff can be of all sorts, too – including neurotic waitresses and lazy pizza delivery boys. Guests and staff alike find themselves thrown together, involuntarily perhaps, in the hotel elevator, a space that witnesses business transactions, love scenes, betrayals and…the struggle of good against evil. In this hotel some of the guests are really a bit out of the ordinary. They can do amazing things with elevators – such as taking them down to very low destinations…


Boris, a bodyguard        A. Fatakhutdinov
Eva                                P. Göser
Ira, an old lady               S. Giebert
Ivy, a businesswoman     K. Larionova
Journalist                        C. Kidd
the Lady                         K. Murawska
Lily, Van’s daughter        D. Thomson
Lisa, the receptionist       S. Paladey
Rachel, Ricky’s assistant S. Kentner
Ricky, a singer                M. Abel
Patricia, Van’s wife         S. Bsdurek
Sid, a pizza boy              C. Fischer
Technician 1                   S. Giebert
Technician 2                   S. Bsdurek
Tony, a maid                  M. Müller
Van, a businessman        S. Brehme
Ricky’s crew                  D. Thomson, C. Kidd


script: Stefanie Giebert

directors: Stefanie Giebert, Jennifer Thomson

dramaturgy: Jennifer Thomson

set: Oliver Schröder, Jan Bormann