Alice in Businessland

Alice, a young college graduate is looking for a job. Just as she thinks she has finally landed the perfect job this is when her troubles actually begin. For Alice has been hired as posterweb_ss14a trainee at Hearts Tarts, a food company headed by a despotic CEO and run by employees who are – to say the least – a bit unusual. A hectic HR manager who doesn’t have time to look after new employees, a paranoid security officer, a singing accountant and the quarrelsome twins working in Marketing… And who’s this mysterious smiling person who tends to shows up at unexpected moments? It’s all very confusing for a young trainee who isn’t used to the very special corporate culture at Hearts Tarts. As Alice tries to navigate the corporate chaos, more and more responsibility is put on her shoulders. Will she be able to stay sane or will she succumb to the madness of businessland?

16-18 June 2014, co-production with Business English Theatre, Reutlingen