Loose Ends

poster-120-24 July 2009

Sleeping Beauty, Penelope, Ariadne, Calypso, Arachne, the Lady of Shalott and Philomela – what do all these figures from myth and literature have in common? All of them are spinners or weavers or in some way connected to threads and fabrics. Now all of them have been united in a big tapestry that is at the centre of our play.

Frustration and suffering have been common factors of their existence – but should they not be at peace now, quietly gazing out of the tapestry at the visitors of the art gallery who come to see them? But the women have a problem – the guides who are supposed to inform the visitors about them do not tell their stories “properly”, not in the way the women would like them to be told. And on the closing night of the exhibition, something starts to unravel…

Arachne                          Kaja Murawska
Calypso                           Mehtap Ince
Edward, a museum guide    Claudius Fischer
the Lady of Shalott           Rebecca Eltgen
Penelope                         Stefanie Giebert
Pete, a museum guide        Michael Thayer
Philomela                         Kate Stier
Sleeping Beauty                Sandra Krämer


directors: Stefanie Giebert, Jennifer Thomson
dramaturgy: Jennifer Thomson
set: Oliver Schröder