The Laughter Cometh

laughter-poster25-29 January 2010

Four short plays

1. Variations on the Death of Trotsky (David Ives)

2. Words, Words, Words (David Ives)

3. The Philadelphia (David Ives)

4. Chinamen (Michael Frayn)

Four short plays that range from the scientific (What do monkeys actually talk about
when they try to write Hamlet?) via the metaphysical (How many lives – and deaths – does Senor Trotzky have?)
and the philosphical (Can one be physically in one place and metaphysically in another one? And what happens if the metaphysical place is Cleveland?) to exercises in Applied Chaos Theory (Guess what play is referred to here …).

Verena Brenner, Babette Förch, Miriam Förster, Merle Klose, Diane Schreitmüller, Anne Zumpe

director: Oliver Schröder