poster_hamlet19-23 July 2010

Hamlet the elder, King of Denmark, is dead.

Claudius, his younger brother, ascends to the Danish throne,
only to find the country engulfed in a sea of troubles. Not least of
which is Prince Fortinbras’ of Norway threat to wage war against

Full of grief for his dead father, Prince Hamlet returns from Wittenberg
to attend his father’s funeral and the hastily arranged wedding between
Claudius and the widowed Queen.

In this situation, a ghost appears to tell a grisly tale of foul murder …
and everything begins to slide.


Anne Zumpe as Hamlet,
Patricia Battke as King Claudius,
Verena Brenner as Queen Gertrude,
Babette Foerch as Polonius,
Mehtap Ince as Laertes (and Guildenstern),
Julia Eppinger as Ophelia,
Katharina Selich as Rosencrantz and
Elisabeth Gelinas as basically everybody else
director: Oliver Schröder