The Dead Eyes of London – 22.-24.11.2017, 8pm, THREE NIGHTS ONLY

The Provisional Players invite you to a very special show celebrating
their Thirtieth Anniversary:

a horror-comedy thriller homage to the weird and wonderful 60s
Edgar Wallace movies – The Dead Eyes of London.

It’s the Swinging London of the 1960s.
But this London is covered in permanent fog, and dead bodies keep piling up.

Can Inspector Holt and his assistant Sunny Harvey solve the murder spree
before the sinister master mind can achieve his (or her?) goal?

Do blind criminals have an advantage over police officers who cannot see?

Will the Provisional Players bring back Klaus Kinski for a final star
performance in a role that was just made for him?

Fast action, irreverent humour and a mysterious metal bath tub await you…

Three shows only: 22 .-24 .11.2017, 8PM
Brechtbau Theatre, Wilhelmstr. 50, Tübingen
Tickets for 6 EUR at