30 years of Provisional Players Celebration Production – The Dead Eyes of London, an Edgar Wallace Hommage

As many of you may know, this year the Provisional Players celebrate their 30th anniversary.

To celebrate this occasion, we thought of a special play that can bring together as many former and current Provisional Players members on the Tübingen BrechtBauTheater stage as possible!

„But how?“, you ask. „I´m currently in Hannover/Berlin/Edinburgh/Tasmania/Bempflingen!“

First, the play:

We are currently working on adapting „The Dead Eyes of London“, a crime novel by Edgar Wallace, into a comedy stage version. It will be done in the style of the 1960s/1970s film adaptions that some of you may be familiar with and should be a blast for all involved.

„That’s all well and good“, you say, „but, still, HOW can you bring people from Hamburg/Munich/Moscow/The Cayman Islands/Albstadt together?“

Like this:

We´ll have a core ensemble of 5 to 6 people from the Tübingen area who’ll play the main characters who appear frequently in the play. Those people will be rehearsing according to the usual BrechtBau theater schedule.

And: We will have around 20 juicy minor roles and cameos for people who come from further away or can’t come to regular rehearsals. Those „external“ actors wouldn´t have to come to rehearsals until the very last days before performances.

PLUS: For those of you who can´t come at all, but would still like to participate: We’re trying to work in a few video and audio effects that you may be able to record in advance.

Here is the schedule (not including regular rehearsals for the main roles):

Saturday 18.11.: Rehearsal (it would be great if everyone could attend here)
Sunday, 19.11.: All-day rehearsal
Monday 20.11.: Technical runthrough at 18;00
Tuesday 21.11.: Dress rehearsal
Wednesday, 22.11.: Performance 1
Thursday, 23.11.: Performance 2
Friday, 24.11.: Performance 3
Saturday, 25.11.: Big anniversary bash in the late afternoon with dancing, reminiscing, drinks, good food and general merriment

Interested? Get in touch! (via provisionalplayers AT gmail.com)