Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus coming to the Brechtbau 24 – 28. July 2017

Germany in Anno XXXX. A timeless story of pride, wisdom and a tragic death.
One survivor beckons and pleads to retell the events that happened the past few years.
This is the story of the most damnable life and the most tragic death of

DOCTOR FAUSTUS by Christopher Marlowe:

Aspiring to achieve greatest wits and knowledge one man surfeits upon cursed necromancy. He summons the lords of infernal hell to grant him his wishes but the price for this is paid with body and soul. Doctor John Faustus, prime scholar of the university has fallen to foul magic.

His famulus, Wagner, aspiring to follow his master in his steps will soon learn that power always comes at a price and haughtiness is greatest before the fall.

In the end only one will remain to tell the tale while the horned legion of demons will feast upon the fallen.

Performed in the BrechtBau Theatre, Wilhelmstraße 50, Tübingen.
From Monday, July 24th, to Friday, July 28th, at 8 p.m.
Tickets available for 6€ at the front door and via eMail: