Black Comedy: 19 – 22 June

London, in the 1960s:

Brindsley Miller is a starving young artist with a lot to prove: Both his fiancée’s father and a millionaire art collector will be coming to his apartment at the same night, and in his desperation to impress them both, Brindsley has stolen some antique furniture from his absent neighbour in order to embellish his own rundown apartment.
All seems to be prepared, when suddenly a fuse
blows and everything becomes pitch black.

When more uninvited guests – including the owner of the “borrowed” furniture – arrive, Brindsley literally has to keep everyone in the dark, or it’s lights out for his future.

Peter Shaffer’s 1965 farce “Black Comedy” is a fast-paced physical comedy in the classic slapstick tradition of the Marx Brothers.

Performances are from Monday, June 19th to Thursday, June 22nd, at 8 o’clock in the evening at the BrechtBauTheater, Wilhelmstraße 50, Tübingen.

Tickets are 6€ at the door. You can also reserve tickets via

Brindsley Miller: Alonso Marco Valle
Carol Melkett: Sarah Taylor
Miss Furnival: Diane Schreitmüller
Colonel Melkett: Ulrich Schreitmüller
Harold Gorringe: Raffaele Manstretta
Clea: Mira Lehmann
Franz Schuppanzigh: Michael Krumm
Georg Bamberger: Alexander Müller & Oliver Schroeder

Directed by Diane Schreitmüller