Noel Coward’s Blithe Spirit comes to the Brechtbau, 25-29. April 2016

In Blithe Spirit, Noel Coward’s comic 
masterpiece, socialite and novelist 
Charles Condomine invites the medium poster_mid
Madame Arcati for a seance to 
gather material for his new book.
Little does he know that behind the air of mumbo 
jumbo hides a very real spiritual talent.
And he doesn’t know either that his 
late wife Elvira 
has no desire to stay dead and lacks appreciation
for Charles’ new marriage and even less for his 
new wife Ruth.
Come to the Brechtbau Theatre to see how 
Charles Condomine tries to untangle this web of 
love, envy, and jealousy from beyond the grave
in this latest production of the Provisional Players.
Brechtbau Theatre, 
Wilhelmstr. 50, Tuebingen
25.-29.4.2016, 8 PM
Tickets for 6 EUR at the door or via