Meet The Altruists in the Brechtbau, 18. – 22. January 2016, 8pm


The Provisional Players present

“The Altruists” – a play by Nicky Silver

at the Brechtbau Theatre (Wilhelmstr. 50, Tuebingen) 

next week (18. – 22. 1. 2016 at 8pm)

tickets for  6 EUR at the door or via

We’re going to band together and fight for what’s ours. 
The underclass rising up, flexing their muscles. The  
world is full of hatred and violence. And it’s our job, 
our duty to stomp the living daylights out of it! 
Be part of that! Come with us!

Meet the Altruists:

– an anorexic actress that makes narcissus look shy,
– a lonely social worker trying to find true love,
– an aggressive protestor in search of peace,
– a “political” lesbian who is really (REALLY!) into men,
– a gigolo living on the streets,
– and a corpse …

We need Sidney’s money. After all, firebombs don’t grow on trees.”