Wyrd Sisters at the Brechtbau, 7. – 11. December 2015, 8PM


Something is rotten in the kingdom of Lancre …

A cowardly murdered king, who is now a ghost longing for revenge.

A madman on the throne who loves to burn down houses and trees – controlled by his evil wife with a particular liking of gruesome torture.

The true heir to the throne who grows up in a company of travelling actors, unaware of his identity and unlikely to ever return and manifest his destiny.

Deeply involved in all this: the three witches of Lancre – the respectable Granny Weatherwax, the matriarchal Nanny Ogg, and the junior witch Magrat Garlick.

Their problem: If there is one rule in magic, it is that witches are not allowed to meddle with Fate, Destiny, and all the rest of them …

In his fantasy classic “Wyrd Sisters”, Terry Pratchett® pays homage to the world of theatre in general and to the plays of William Shakespeare in particular. Fools and kings, witches and wizards, ghosts and lost heirs, dwarves and demons and even Death himself take centre stage to unfold a both hilarious and dramatic story, filled to the brim with wit, good laughs, and magic.