Coming soon: An Actor’s Titanic and other Nightmares (by Christopher Durang)

The Provisional Players present, as a special Christmas treat, an evening of fast-paced, outrageous and sometimes absurd comedy pieces by this year’s Tony award winner for best play – Christopher Durang.

Have a Business Lunch in the Russian Tea Room, fight bureaucracy personified by the DMV Tyrant, and find out whether to keen in a Funeral Parlor. And if it really sounds like Eeeeeeck! Awoooooga!

Join the Tamurai familiy with its dark secrets about incest, infidelity, mirrors, a surprising amount of white bread and hamsters in unexpected places. All on a Titanic that obstinately refuses to sink. Have a quick rest with Naomi in the living room, before accompanying George into every Actor’s Nightmare – being in a play you don’t remember rehearsing, that keeps changing all the time, and that makes you wonder if you are an actor after all …

Come and join the show in the week before Christmas: 16th – 20th of December 2013, 8pm, in the Brechtbau Theatre.



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