Noel Coward’s Blithe Spirit comes to the Brechtbau, 25-29. April 2016

In Blithe Spirit, Noel Coward’s comic 
masterpiece, socialite and novelist 
Charles Condomine invites the medium poster_mid
Madame Arcati for a seance to 
gather material for his new book.
Little does he know that behind the air of mumbo 
jumbo hides a very real spiritual talent.
And he doesn’t know either that his 
late wife Elvira 
has no desire to stay dead and lacks appreciation
for Charles’ new marriage and even less for his 
new wife Ruth.
Come to the Brechtbau Theatre to see how 
Charles Condomine tries to untangle this web of 
love, envy, and jealousy from beyond the grave
in this latest production of the Provisional Players.
Brechtbau Theatre, 
Wilhelmstr. 50, Tuebingen
25.-29.4.2016, 8 PM
Tickets for 6 EUR at the door or via 

Frankenstein – at the Brechtbau 15. – 19.2.2016, 8PM

An expedition to the North Pole.
Already in jeopardy.flyer_vs
They pick up a man.
Unconscious, on a piece of floating ice.
A man that seems eerily familiar.
Viktor Frankenstein.
A man haunted by his past.
A past that finally may catch up with him …

Come and see the Provisional Players’ retelling of Mary Shelley’s classic story..

At the Brechtbau Theatre, Wilhelmstr. 50, Tuebingen,

15.-19.2.2016, 8PM

Tickets: 6 EUR

Meet The Altruists in the Brechtbau, 18. – 22. January 2016, 8pm


The Provisional Players present

“The Altruists” – a play by Nicky Silver

at the Brechtbau Theatre (Wilhelmstr. 50, Tuebingen) 

next week (18. – 22. 1. 2016 at 8pm)

tickets for  6 EUR at the door or via

We’re going to band together and fight for what’s ours. 
The underclass rising up, flexing their muscles. The  
world is full of hatred and violence. And it’s our job, 
our duty to stomp the living daylights out of it! 
Be part of that! Come with us!

Meet the Altruists:

– an anorexic actress that makes narcissus look shy,
– a lonely social worker trying to find true love,
– an aggressive protestor in search of peace,
– a “political” lesbian who is really (REALLY!) into men,
– a gigolo living on the streets,
– and a corpse …

We need Sidney’s money. After all, firebombs don’t grow on trees.”

Wyrd Sisters at the Brechtbau, 7. – 11. December 2015, 8PM


Something is rotten in the kingdom of Lancre …

A cowardly murdered king, who is now a ghost longing for revenge.

A madman on the throne who loves to burn down houses and trees – controlled by his evil wife with a particular liking of gruesome torture.

The true heir to the throne who grows up in a company of travelling actors, unaware of his identity and unlikely to ever return and manifest his destiny.

Deeply involved in all this: the three witches of Lancre – the respectable Granny Weatherwax, the matriarchal Nanny Ogg, and the junior witch Magrat Garlick.

Their problem: If there is one rule in magic, it is that witches are not allowed to meddle with Fate, Destiny, and all the rest of them …

In his fantasy classic “Wyrd Sisters”, Terry Pratchett® pays homage to the world of theatre in general and to the plays of William Shakespeare in particular. Fools and kings, witches and wizards, ghosts and lost heirs, dwarves and demons and even Death himself take centre stage to unfold a both hilarious and dramatic story, filled to the brim with wit, good laughs, and magic.

Macbeth – Blood will have blood


The Tragedy of Macbeth
by William Shakespeare

“By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes!”

Perennially popular, Shakespeare’s tragedy recounts the bloody rise to power and eventual downfall of its protagonist. A war hero, the great general Macbeth is admired by his soldiers, his peers and even his king. Goaded on by the sinister witches of the Scottish heathlands and his ambitious wife, but most of all by his own unyielding ambition, Macbeth attains the throne of Scotland through deceit, treachery and murder to become a tyrant plagued by guilt and paranoia. The play contains some of Shakespeare’s most powerful poetry and remains an engrossing – and still regrettably topical – study on how a basically decent man becomes a ruthless dictator.

The Provisional Players presents seven performances of Shakespeare’s masterpiece at the Brechtbau Theatre (Wilhelmsstr. 50, Tübingen).

Monday May 18, Tuesday May 19,
Wednesday May 20, Thursday May 21 and Friday May 22 at 8pm.
Saturday May 23 at 2pm and 8pm.
Tickets: €6 at the door or via

Michael Frayn’s Copenhagen in DUBLIN

Michael Frayn's Copenhagen, performed in Dublin at the Sean O'Casey Theatre, 20/21 MAR 2015, 8PM

Michael Frayn’s Copenhagen, performed in Dublin at the Sean O’Casey Theatre, 20/21 MAR 2015, 8PM

The Provisional Players are going to Dublin again, and again to the Sean O’Casey Theatre – a great location and lovely hosts.

WHEN: 20th and 21st of March 2015, 8pm

WHERE: Sean O’Casey Theatre, St Mary’s Rd, East Wall, Dublin

About the play:

September 1941. Copenhagen.

In the midst of the Second World War, German physicist Werner Heisenberg visits his old
friend and mentor Niels Bohr in Nazi-occupied Denmark.

Why did he come? Did he try to convey information about a German nuclear program
to the most well-connected scientist in occupied Europe? Or did he try to spy on an Allied
program? Or did he come for an altogether different reason? It’s only clear that after this
visit a life-long friendship was broken beyond repair, and Heisenberg and Bohr tried to
figure out for the rest of their lives how things could have gone so wrong.

In Michael Frayn’s acclaimed play “Copenhagen” they get another chance – this time from
beyond the grave – to understand what happened. Joined by Margrethe Bohr they grapple
with the thing most difficult to understand of all – man himself.



16-20.02.2015: The Man Who Was Thursday – A Nightmare


Featuring life music by “Call me Heike“!

Experience G. K Chesterton’s  masterpieceThe Man Who Was Thursday” in a brand new stage adaptation!

Follow Syme into the nightmare where the Central Anarchist Council tries to overthrow the governments of Europe, and only Syme can stop this conspiracy. See Syme on the run from the anarchists’ hordes, fighting tooth and nail to survive and uncover the secret identities of the Council of Days.Who is friend, who is foe?
Should Anarchists really have a Central Council?
And who is the mysterious Sunday?Part metaphysical thriller, part Kafkaesque comedy, “The Man Who Was Thursday” explores a world where nothing is what it seems to be, and a nightmare is something you might never wake up from.

Performances: 16. – 20. February 2015, 8pm
in the Brechtbau Theatre (Wilhelmstr. 50, Tuebingen).
Get your tickets for 5 EUR at the door or or (please!) make a reservation