Michael Frayn’s COPENHAGEN coming to the Brechtbau, 10. – 14. February 2014


September 1941. Copenhagen.

In the midst of the Second World War, German physicist Werner Heisenberg visits his old
friend and mentor Niels Bohr in Nazi-occupied Denmark.

Why did he come? Did he try to convey information about a German nuclear program
to the most well-connected scientist in occupied Europe? Or did he try to spy on an Allied
program? Or did he come for an altogether different reason? It’s only clear that after this
visit a life-long friendship was broken beyond repair, and Heisenberg and Bohr tried to
figure out for the rest of their lives how things could have gone so wrong.

In Michael Frayn’s acclaimed play “Copenhagen” they get another chance – this time from
beyond the grave – to understand what happened. Joined by Margrethe Bohr they grapple
with the thing most difficult to understand of all – man himself.

Coming soon: An Actor’s Titanic and other Nightmares (by Christopher Durang)

The Provisional Players present, as a special Christmas treat, an evening of fast-paced, outrageous and sometimes absurd comedy pieces by this year’s Tony award winner for best play – Christopher Durang.

Have a Business Lunch in the Russian Tea Room, fight bureaucracy personified by the DMV Tyrant, and find out whether to keen in a Funeral Parlor. And if it really sounds like Eeeeeeck! Awoooooga!

Join the Tamurai familiy with its dark secrets about incest, infidelity, mirrors, a surprising amount of white bread and hamsters in unexpected places. All on a Titanic that obstinately refuses to sink. Have a quick rest with Naomi in the living room, before accompanying George into every Actor’s Nightmare – being in a play you don’t remember rehearsing, that keeps changing all the time, and that makes you wonder if you are an actor after all …

Come and join the show in the week before Christmas: 16th – 20th of December 2013, 8pm, in the Brechtbau Theatre.



Coming soon: Around the World in 80 Days

The Provisional Players present the spectacle of our generation!

Around the World in 80 Days

Around the World in 80 Days

Follow Phileas Fogg on his race around the world, through exotic locations, across  oceans and deserts,  attacked by Indians, hounded by detectives for robbing the Bank of England, rescuing maidens from horrible fates and preventing a nosy journalist from discovering his most valued secret,  while the clock keeps ticking and obstacles pile upon obstacles.

Get the whole story – does it really make sense to travel around the world in a balloon, at  which point did Phileas Fogg decide to go to the moon, and what is Captain Nemo doing in all of this?

This and a lot more in the Provisonal Players’ take on Jules Verne’s beloved classics  (yes, plural!), only in the Brechtbau Theatre.

Where: Brechtbau Theatre, Wilhelmstrasse 50, Tuebingen
When: Mon – Fri, 8-12/07/2013, 8pm

Tickets: 5 Euros at the door or at provisionalplayers@googlemail.com


Stop Kiss – in Dublin!


Stop Kiss - now in Dublin

Stop Kiss – now in Dublin

After the successful run of Diana Son’s Stop Kiss in the Brechtbau Theatre, the Provisional Players go on to give (hopefully the first of many more to come) guest performance in Dublin.

When: 11th of March 2013, 8pm

Where: Sean O’Casey Community Centre, St Mary’s Rd, Dublin, Co. Dublin, Ireland

Reservations at: provisionalplayers@googlemail.com

More info about the venue: http://www.seanocaseycommunitycentre.ie/