The (Business) English Theatre Project

This theatre project/group was started in October 2009 at Reutlingen University, a university of applied sciences with a focus on study programmes in business and technology. The project is organised by the university’s “Institut für Fremdsprachen” (foreign language teaching institute).

In the group German and international students (from Reutlingen and Tübingen University) come together and the students experience (Business) English from a different angle – by acting in a theatre production based on scripts that put special emphasis on business topics and vocabulary. Since the working language within the project (and not only the language of the script) is English, it also helps the students to improve their everyday English and to gain more confidence in using the foreign language in different situations.

Up to now, we have done a production nearly every semester, from Shakespeare adaptations Macbiz (2009) and Other People’s Money (2011) over evenings of short plays (Airport Stories in 2011, Long John Shakespeare in 2012, 100% Denim in 2012) to adaptations of children’s literature (Alice in Businessland 2013/2014) our range is broad but in one way or the other business- or work-related topics can always be found in the plays.

The project has its own website:

Find out more in our project video (2010):