The plays listed on top of this page (from 2009) were performed at Reutlingen University. All plays listed below were performed at Brechtbau Theater, Tuebingen University, Germany, between 2004 and 2007. 


Short plays from “100% Denim – An Evening of Jeans Stories”:

Denim and Distress (a 5-minute-play in 2 scenes about a pair of “distressed” jeans)

A Perfect Fit (10-minute-play set in a near future where the fashion industry and genetics have joined forces)

Cotton ghosts (15-minute-play about agricultural engineering and farmer suicides)


Other People’s Money (loosely based on William Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice, full-length, ca. 120 min)


Short plays: In the Pirate Business (ca. 15 min) and The Annual Financial Report Rap (ca. 6 min.)


Macbiz (loosely based on William Shakespeare’s Macbeth)

2004 – 2007

Title Description Duration parts Download script
“Blind Date” production info Sleeping Beauty meets the Frog Prince
– for a blind date
15 min
1f, 1flexible
“Lady Madonna needs a Holiday” production info John Lennon – or at least someone who
believes to be John Lennon – is interviewed
by a journalist – who is not what she seems
to be either.
10 min
“Shall I Compare Thee…?” production info A dramatisation of Shakespeare’s sonnets,
this short play sees the poet, the dark lady,
the young man and the rival poet go through
mirth and despair, love and hate…
20 min
3m, 1flexible
 Shall I Compare Thee.pdf
“The Hamlet Triangle” production info Alternative histories: Hamlet and Ophelia are
psychologists. Romeo and Juliet married and
got divorced. Now Juliet is taking counselling
sessions with Hamlet…
15 min
1m, 1 flexible
Cupid and Psyche re-told (Scene from “Of Bodies Changed) Cupid tells his love story to Ovid, in the hope that he will include it in his “Metamorphoses” ca. 5 min 2m, 1 f Cupid and Psyche.pdf
“Of Bodies Changed” production info Five episodes from Ovid’s “Metamorphoses”:
Daphne, Echo, Niobe, Alcyone, Arachne.
Also, the story of Cupid and Psyche and Ovid’s own life story.
70 min
14f (4 non-speaking)
8m (2 non-speaking), 10 flexible
 Of Bodies Changed.pdf

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