Lost Muses

The nine musesThis play was staged at Brechtbau Theater, Tübingen in April 2008.

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Long ago, artists respected the muses. Every decent poem started with: “O muse – inspire me, etc. etc.” And nowadays? The muses are still around, but people have largely forgotten about them. Relics of a bygone past that have somehow survived the centuries, they find themselves in a globalised city – let’s say London – doing menial jobs for little money. Gone are the days of nectar and ambrosia. Unemployment, depression, and problems with their rebellious teenage kids – such as a son who wants to be a rock-star – plague the sisterhood of muses like they might  any normal human family.

Modern timesHowever, this family is still a bit different. Incited by Clio, the muse of history, who thinks that the muses should move on with the times, they try to use their traditional gifts more innovatively and give a whole new meaning to the idea of “calling on the muses”. However, they are only dimly aware that it might be risky to automate creativity…