100% Denim

Loved, despised, or simply taken for granted by their wearers, jeans are very much a part of the fabric of our everyday lives.

But did you know that this pair of jeans you bought recently, or rather its components, have probably travelled more than 60, 0000 km before ending up in your shopping bag? Cotton grown in India or Uzbekistan is spun in China and sewn in Tunisia, sewn with threads produced in Spain, washed with stones from Turkey and fitted with buttons and zips made in Japan and Germany.

We follow some of the threads our jeans and their myths are made of:  From the 19th century where some cowboys on a cattle trail make a tough decision we move on to the timeless topic of young women who go to great lengths to be at the height of jeans fashion and even take a look into the future where jeans and genes enter into an uncanny relationship. Travelling not only time but also the globe, we moreover jump from the office of an overworked lawyer in the US battling with legal problems concerning cotton farming to an office at the other end of the world in a former Soviet Republic, where two bored cotton inspectors are waiting for customers. However different these characters may be Рtheir stories are made of 100% denim.

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