Other People’s Money (summer 2011)

Money makes the world go round – that much Baz, a luxury-loving young man, knows. It is the means to buy clothes, cars and drinks. However, Baz is much better at spending money than earning it, so he is continually short of cash. But… that is what friends are for, isn’t it? So Baz borrows – a little sum here, a larger sum there… But living in debt is no fun and Baz comes up with a wonderful idea of how to get rid of all his money problems at once. The only difficulty is: in order to pull off his clever plan he needs some more money! Ann, a successful businesswoman and Baz’s best friend, promises to help. Only too bad that all of her own funds are invested in different business ventures. So Baz and his clique come up with another clever idea of where to borrow the money that he needs.

The rest of the story includes Ruth Shylock, an alternative banker who holds a grudge against Ann; her rebellious daughter Jessica; Portia, a rich heiress in search for a business partner and a lot of other people in search of money, fame or love.

Based on The Merchant of Venice Other People’s Money is a co-production with Tübingen University’s English-language theatre group “The Provisional Players”.