Macbiz (winter 2009)

“Macbiz”, an adaptation of Shakespeare’s “Macbeth”, was the “(Business) English Theatre Project”’s first production at Reutlingen University and was staged in December 2009.

In this adaptation, Macbeth is a senior manager at Scotland Inc., a medium-sized, family-owned company headed by old James Duncan. But Macbeth is uneasy – he should be higher up on the corporate ladder with his abilities. His wife is certainly of the opinion that he has it in him to become the CEO. A group of HR consultants also believes this, and they have decided to make Macbeth their next “project”. But what about old Duncan? How do they get rid of him? Spurned on by his consultants and bullied by his wife, Macbeth decides to take action. Will he succeed? How do Ophelia and Beatrice unwittingly aid Macbeth in carrying out his plot? And what is Hamlet doing in Mrs. Macbeth’s office?