Airport Stories (winter 2010)

airport-posterFear of flying? No problem – we’ll stay on the ground. Nevertheless, we’ll take you on a very entertaining journey.

An airport is a microcosm on its own: travellers, headed for all parts of the world, pilots, stewardesses and the ground staff going about their work, caught up in an atmosphere ranging between extreme hectic and utter boredom.

Absurd things happen at airports – bureaucratic procedures at the check-in counter, hassle regarding lost or mixed-up luggage, encounters with fellow travellers who take a more than just casual interest in your life etc. And then there are all the stories about pilots and other flight crew gifted with a special sense of humour…

People at an airport are not dissimilar to ants in an anthill – and yet, they reveal themselves to be individuals, each with his or her own story to tell. We invite you to take a guided tour around our airport to meet them.  On this exciting journey, you will make the acquaintance of two competing businesswomen on a trip to an important customer, a man on the run from his past, tourists returning from a well-deserved holiday carrying rather unusual souvenirs and some pilots and aircraft mechanics whose work ethics leave something to be desired.

Airport Stories loosely combines a series of short plays and sketches into a special theatre show – come and find out more: travel broadens the mind!