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About me

I’m a freelance English, soft skills and theatre trainer based in Germany and lecturer for German as a foreign language and technical English at Konstanz University of Applied Sciences. My special teaching and research interest is teaching English through drama and improvisation and I was in charge of a EFL theatre course for students at Reutlingen University from 2009 to 2016. Since 2015 I’ve organised three Drama in Education conferences in Reutlingen and Konstanz.


PhD in English Literature 2008, Trier
Diploma in Media Studies 2005, Tübingen
Certificate in Teaching Foreign Languages to Adults (“Fremdsprachliche Erwachsenenbildung”) 2002, Trier
MA in English, Sociology, Psychology, 2001, Trier

Teaching experience

English Theatre workshops (Tübingen University, since summer 2010) and English theatre for kids (workshops for Stuttgart Kids in 2006 and 2007, “Curtain up for Kids” holiday courses in Tübingen and Herrenberg, 2008-2012, Reutlingen 2013), in charge of the Business English Theatre (BET) at Reutlingen University,  2009-2016.

Presentation skills in English and German, intercultural management, introduction to theatre and acting, English pronunciation and communication classes as well as German as a foreign language e.g. at Reutlingen University, Tübingen University, Mainz University, Europäische Fernhochschule Hamburg; from 2010 onwards

Acting and directing experience

foris theater (theatre in education project in German), from 2015 onwards

The Business English Theatre Project, Reutlingen, 2009 -2016

The Provisional Players, Tübingen, from 2004 onwards

Active in student theatre on-stage and backstage since 1998 (Trier English Drama Group, The Provisional Players)

Academic publications on drama and literature

list of current publications